Kids Hygiene

Your child’s health and safety are top priorities. Their oral hygiene should be one of your top priorities too. Dental health is a vital part of every child’s total health, which starts with parents. You can give your kid a great start, so he or she has healthy gums and teeth his or her entire life.

If a child loses a tooth because of decay, it can cause crowding problems when their adult teeth come through later.

As soon as a child turns two, it’s time to visit the dentist or oral health therapist for an oral health assessment. Dentists know that there can be nervousness or fears and often work hard to ensure the visit a comfortable experience.

Medicare provides a child dental benefit scheme for eligible children, click here to learn more.

Beginning at age three, you can develop a schedule to help keep your little one’s gums and teeth strong and healthy. Here are some ways you can accomplish that:

  • Dentists recommend using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste (containing fluoride). It is also advisable to make sure your little one does not swallow toothpaste and learns how to rinse and spit properly during and after brushing.
  • It is important that your child brushes for two minutes or so, twice daily.
  • Once teeth have grown in and there is a space where dental floss will fit, you can begin to floss your child’s teeth for them.
  • Help your child brush properly.
  • Take your child to a dentist once every six months.

What To Expect

During Your Appointment

Your child meets the dentist or oral health therapist and has an opportunity to get used to the dentist’s high-tech chair. This consultation mainly involves just a visual inspection, making sure there’s nothing unusual with the child’s teeth and gums.

The GDL dentist or oral health therapist will take time to answer any questions to create a gentle, positive experience that is often accompanied by plenty of giggles for both the child and the parent.

As well as doing an oral examination, the dentist or oral health therapist assesses the child’s growth and development and identifies any risk of dental decay, as well as educating the child (and parent) on brushing techniques and the importance of healthy nutrition on teeth.

Length Of Appointment

A child’s first check-up will usually take 20 – 30 minutes.

Quick Tip

Talk about your child’s upcoming appointment with them to help them ease any fears they may have.