EMS Airflow

At Griffith Dental Lounge we are so excited to introduce the EMS AIRFLOW® prophylaxis master and the guided biofilm therapy – the latest technique in dental maintenance and prevention.

EMS Airflow® guided biofilm therapy uses a combination of air, warm water and ultrafine powder to help remove plaque, calculus and certain stains from tooth surfaces. Your dentist or hygienist will explain what the process involves so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.

We’ll first complete a comprehensive dental assessment to identify any specific problems that need to be addressed. We’ll then rinse your mouth using a mouthwash and apply a coloured dye to your teeth to see where plaque is present. If we think you need to improve your oral hygiene, we can discuss your brushing and flossing techniques, your diet and other factors that may be putting your oral health at risk.

We can then begin cleaning and polishing your teeth and other parts of your mouth using EMS Airflow® instruments to remove plaque and calculus. Although these instruments won’t contact your teeth directly, you may feel a light sensation from the air and water. We can also apply powder to help remove or reduce stains from the enamel.

We’ll then perform a final check for any remaining biofilm or calculus and apply fluoride to your teeth.

We recommend EMS Airflow® guided biofilm therapy if you find traditional teeth cleaning methods uncomfortable or you have dental anxiety. This minimally invasive approach delivers a high standard of cleaning in less time and involves less direct contact with dental instruments.

Certificate of D=dental accreditation presented by the Australian Dental Association
Certificate of D=dental accreditation presented by the Australian Dental Association

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