Virtual Consultation

Claim your complimentary online consult without leaving your home.

In a digital world, your new smile is closer than you think. Use our smile mate service to share your smile and dental issues with us. We are more than happy to help you to get your dream smile soon.

You will need:

    1. Two spoons or your clean fingers on both sides of your mouth
    2. A smart phone or laptop with a camera
    3. A family member or friend to hold the camera

Next steps:

    1. Within 24 hours, Griffith Dental Lounge will be alerted as soon as you have submitted your photographs and will review them
    2. Griffith Dental Lounge will then contact you to organise a video virtual consultation
    3. Booking you an appointment to come into the practice to take photos, 3D models and x-rays to get you started on your journey

Griffith Dental Lounge is proud to be able to offer these virtual consultations, saving you unnecessary time and stress.