Dental emergencies can include toothaches, dental trauma (knocked-out or fractured teeth), facial swelling, or lost fillings. If you experience a dental emergency, you must contact your local dentist as soon as possible.

At Griffith Dental Lounge we understand that patients who are genuinely in a dental emergency need priority attention. That is why we try to keep some space available in the appointment books every day for patients requiring an emergency dentist.

There are many causes of dental pain and your dentist will assess your teeth, gums, jaw, and muscles and possibly take x-rays to diagnose the problem. When the source of the pain is found, all available options for dental treatment will be discussed. In an emergency, a temporary solution to stop the pain may be best, but sometimes the permanent solution can be fixed on the day.

We all understand that we live in an on-demand society, that if you have an issue you want it looked at and solved as quickly as possible. In cases of emergencies (pain, facial swelling, cracked front teeth, or trauma) we will always endeavour to see you on the same day.

This often includes putting you in a dentist’s lunch break because we know that dental pain can be distressing. In cases of non-urgent work, we generally have availability within a few working days. We run a busy practice and our practitioners are in demand, however as we are expanding, we sometimes have same-day availability. This depends on the day and the best way to approach this is to call early in the morning (8 am) and request a same-day dental appointment.

If it is possible, we will book you in, if this is not possible then we place you on a priority list, where, if there are any movements of previously booked appointments you will be the first person we call. We can often address an issue temporarily in a short dental appointment and schedule the required time later down the track. If you are in any doubt one of the front of house staff will always be happy to help.

The cost of your emergency dental appointment will vary depending upon your individual dental needs. Your dentist will discuss the expected costs with you at the time of your appointment.

What To Expect

Booking Your Appointment

It is best to call early in the morning (from 8 am) to request a same-day appointment.

Before You Arrive

There is no special preparation needed for your appointment.

Length Of Appointment

The emergency timeslots are 30 minutes and designed primarily to get you out of pain, not for full completion of treatment.

During Your Appointment

At your emergency appointment, the dentist will do their best to get you out of pain and temporise your condition.

You would most probably require a further appointment for a follow-up or further treatment.

After You Leave

Avoid drinking hot liquids and hard foods for the first few hours if you have had a local anaesthetic or an extraction.

Your dentist will recommend the best post-procedure care to avoid any problems.