Smile Dental Plan

 Finally there’s a way to make you dental bills hurt less.

Smile is the dental plan you can join to receive quality dental care and reduced dental fees.

Enjoy savings upwards of 40% with a guaranteed minimum reduction of 15%. All you have to do is join Smile and visit a participating practice to save!

How does it work?

You simply join Smile and visit a participating dentist with your Smile Card. Your dental fees are then reduced by upwards of 40% and in some instances even more with a guaranteed minimum reduction of 15% at the completion of each appointment.

How much less will it hurt?

Members typically report saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on the treatment they have done. Either way, your jaw won’t drop when you get the bill.

What are you waiting for?

You can receive any treatment immediately what is within the expertise of participating dentists including cosmetic dentistry and have as much treatment as you wish. You’ll be flashing that smile in a flash.

What’s in it for your dentist?

Participating dentists reduce their dental fees as they too are benefiting by receiving new patients and rewarding patient loyalty.

Look a million dollars from just $77

Joining begins from just $77 a year. Even if you are with an insurance company, we can still save you.

We save by being online. So do you.

We have dispensed with many operating costs of traditional companies by being totally online. You don’t need wisdom teeth to know that makes good financial sense for all involved.

Joining Smile is easy

We’ve made the procedure as painless as possible so it’ll only take a minute.

What if I have insurance?

Even if you already have insurance, you can still join Smile and benefit twice over by reducing or even eliminating your out of pocket expenses. You will save with Smile even if your insurance has imposed restrictions such as waiting periods, benefit limits, treatment exclusions and pre-existing conditions exclusions.