Health Fund Alliances


Griffith Dental Lounge is a preferred provider with HCF health fund.

This means our patients receive the maximum benefit entitlement determined by the level of their Extras Cover – in some cases up to 90% of the cost.

Please note, your health fund benefit is calculated according to the level of Dental Extras Cover you have with your health insurer, and is not set by Griffith Dental Lounge.

Choosing Griffith Dental Lounge makes sense for HCF Private members.

You may receive 100% benefit for a check-up, scale and clean up to twice a year, depending on the level and type of Extras cover held. The limit is up to two such services per member per calendar year and is not available if waiting periods are unexpired.

In other cases, the actual benefit is determined by your level of Extras cover and is not set by Griffith Dental Lounge.

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